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LEAN IN - It's Finally Here!

Hi friends!

My newest book, Lean In, has finally been released!

On June 19, 2020 - my dad passed away after his 11-month battle with colorectal cancer. In this book, I start with an extended version of my dad’s eulogy. Lessons I learned by walking out this journey with him. Nothing gets more real than staring your mortality in the face.

After the eulogy, you’re left with journal entries and poems that I wrote throughout the journey with my dad and the year following his death.

From life to death and to a surprise ending of LIFE again. I’ll let you read and find out those details.

This book doesn’t have the happy ending of my dad escaping death, but in some odd way - so much joy met us on our path as my dad woke up to his life - once he found out he was dying.

A stubborn (strong-willed), set in his ways, limited mindset, apathetic human … cracked wide open to joy, emotion, freedom, open-mindedness, empathy, love (and iced coffee) at a whole new level.

It was the experience of a lifetime for me to get to document the journey.

So, whether you personally know someone who is battling (cancer or something else), or you - YOURSELF are currently battling, this book addresses love, loss, gain, grief, joy, and so many other things that encompass the human experience.

Dark and light contrasting to create something stunning - such as a sunset.

I told my dad I would put this in a book - and I did.

May we all learn something valuable from the life — and death of William H. Dotson.

ESPECIALLY - if you're experiencing erythrophobia from chronic blushing, flushing, and skin redness & HIDING away. I firmly believe that a huge part of healing myself from ERYTHROPHOBIA was watching my dad grasp for every moment that was left of his life.

You can order the hardback or Kindle Edition on Amazon here if you're interested -

As always, thank you for your support.


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