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If you’re on the go and looking for quick educational materials or other options to help with chronic blushing, check out some of the links below:


Share your success stories here:


Books by April Poynter:

Recommended Books:

Red Face, How I Learnt To Live With Social Anxiety, by Russell Norris: Click Here

When Blushing Hurts, Overcoming Abnormal Facial Blushing, by Enrique Jadresic: Click Here



Hypnotherapy: Click Here

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) : Click Here



Medication/ Medical Options:


Beta Blockers - Propranolol


First visit to the doctor and getting prescribed Propranolol: Click Here For Video

Week 2 Propranolol Update: Click Here For Video


Week 3 Propranolol Update: Click Here For Video


Propranolol not 100% full proof: Click Here for Video

1 Month Propranolol Update: Click Here for Video



Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS Surgery)


ETS Surgery Risks: Click Here for Video


Does ETS Surgery Work? Click Here for Video


ETS Surgery Experience: Interview with Virginia Mae: Click Here for Video


Virginia Mae is also the host of the support group, Chronic Blusher’s Society: Click Here


Natural Remedies:


Blushing Blend Herbal Loose-Leaf Tea (can only ship to US customers only). 


Be sure to use discount code: blushingphoenix at checkout for 10% off your purchase.  


Bllush Blend Herbal Loose - Leaf Tea: Click Here


CBD cream: Click Here

Herbs: Click Here for Video


Functional Neurology: Click Here for Video


Yoga: Click Here for Video


3 Natural Tips: Click Here for Video


Interviews: You Are Not Alone


Natalie Adams: Click Here for Video

Soulful Toz (Laura) Click Here for Video

Also - be sure to check out other videos from Soulful Toz about her erythrophobia experience:


My struggle with Erythrophobia: Click Here for Video

The Beauty in My Erythrophobia & Blushing Trauma: Click Here for Video

For more info about Soulful Toz and Emotional Release Bodywork: Click Here

Kevin Rock: Click Here for Video

Hakay Ross: Click Here for Video



Online Support Groups:

Iblush: Click Here

Chronic Blusher’s Society: Click Here




We are not medical professionals. Seek advice from a medical professional before making any final decisions in regard to your health. 

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