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Hi. I’m April.

Founder of Blushing Phoenix and a Corporate Executive.

I’m working to understand and accept chronic, pathological blushing and erythrophobia (fear of blushing).

I’m an author of one book, Pressing Forward and another that just got sent to the publisher last week. I’ve been featured in Fortune Magazine. I’ve spoken on local and national television. I’m a YouTuber of a growing channel and growing community of blushers.

There is life beyond blushing.

This picture was taken after I spoke to 250 employees during a Quarter 2 kick off. Granted it was via Zoom, but the brain really doesn’t know the difference. The same public speaking fear hits whether it’s in person or virtual.

Over the past year I’ve learned ways to move through blushing and flushing. It’s a process but we can do this!

For more info check out my website. There are lots of resources here for you.

We are the remedy.

And you are not alone.

Keep rising.



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