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Why Am I Blushing & What Can I Do To Stop It?

Idiopathic craniofacial erythema are big words for FACIAL BLUSHING.

Stemming from an overactive sympathetic nervous system and impossible to control. The condition can feel so defeating because of the lack of control.

Oftentimes chronic blushing is tied to shame as if the person has done something wrong and should be able to control the blushing. The lack of control can often make the blushing more intense.

Chronic blushing can have psychological and emotional effects on those who blush.

What causes excessive blushing?

Excessive blushing is not always isolated to the face. People can experience blushing on their face, neck, chest, arms, etc. Blushing is usually brought on by high-stress situations. The body’s fight or flight trauma response activates, creating dilation of blood vessels up against the skin and creating the red visual.

How can I stop blushing?

A lot of frustrations and defeat comes with blushing when we ask this question, “How do I stop blushing?”

Defeat accompanies because there are not a lot of options or proven options when it comes to stopping blushing altogether.

Everyone is different and their triggers may be different.

Reframing the question to more realistic questions is helpful.

How can I slow down the blushing?

Why am I blushing?

What can I do about blushing?

How can I support my nervous system and calm it down?

These are more realistic questions.

Understanding why you’re blushing will help you target areas of focus.

Some practical tips are:

  • Reduce caffeine intake

  • Reduce sugar intake

  • Elimination diet - removing high histamine foods/drinks and seeing if these are contributing to your blushing.

  • Breathing exercises and meditation:

  • Herbs that assist calming the nervous system such as Blushing Phoenix Tea Blend:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: file:///Users/aprilpoynter/Downloads/CBT%20&%20Empowerment%20Coaching_%20Blushing%20Phoenix.pdf

  • Medication such as antidepressants, beta blockers (my experience with propranolol )

  • ETS Surgery:

You do not have to suffer with chronic blushing and erythrophobia and you are not alone. Feel free to subscribe to the Blushing Phoenix youtube channel where you will find others just like you as well as lots of content to help you better understand this condition!

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